IIT Delhi presented the newly launched International PhD Fellowship Programme (IPFP) New Delhi:  With a target of enrolling 500 foreign students within the next five years, the IIT Delhi on Wednesday organised a summit meeting for diplomats from various countries to showcase the opportunities at the premier institution. “Globalisation ofRead More →

Social networking sites improve connective and ease access to health information Highlights Getting into a routine can help fight depression Eating healthy is important to prevent depression Exercise and physical activity can reduce depression As it turns out, social networking sites like Facebook can help in avoiding depression, anxiety andRead More →

KARL JUENGEL Whether you’re going home for the holidays or taking a much-needed vacation, there is travel—and thus the ever-daunting task of packing—in your future. Because every last inch of suitcase real estate counts, and you don’t want to wrinkle your sweaters, break a precious bottle of Chanel No. 5, or worstRead More →

  If you are 18 and still desire to gain those extra centimetres in height, fret not. While most of a person’s height depends on their genetics and quality of nutrition, we’re here to tell about some hacks that can help you become taller. The growth hormones in your pituitary gland areRead More →