Watching a well-edited explainer video, animation, or video essay is a pleasure in itself. Especially now, with bajillions of them on YouTube or Vimeo, you can really appreciate the editors and animators craft of conveying ideas skillfully (and often find yourself binging their videos). Creating them comes at a costRead More →

The recent major update to Explain Everything didn’t just include game changing cross platform collaboration and a freemium experience, but also some other great additions that might have gone unnoticed. For one, we’ve updated our clipart library! Our own CEO Reshan Richards created a set of clipart “doodles” that areRead More →

You may have seen an announcement or some messaging about our plans to remove the one time purchase, standalone version of our application (iOS only). We received a tremendous amount of feedback and our company took it all very seriously and to heart. We have now amended our strategic planningRead More →