CBSE Class 12 Physics Paper: Last-Minute Preparation Tips By Expert

CBSE Class 12 Physics Paper: Last-Minute Preparation Tips By Expert
CBSE Board exam for Class 12th Physics paper is scheduled tomorrow. Physics is one paper where concept is of utmost importance. While the time to revise the whole syllabus is over now, students can still reap the benefit from some expert-backed last minute preparation tips. We spoke to Ashish Malik, ex-student of the CBSE Board, who has completed MS in Statistics from Purdue University and teaches High School level Mathematics and Science to students in his spare time.

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Mr Malik shared these tips for a flawless performance in your paper tomorrow:

1. Do not learn anything new at this moment. Just focus on what you know and try to focus more on it.

2. Make a short-term -day plan where you can go through all the theorems/derivations, important formulas, and concepts.

3. Revise each chapter for 1-2 hours and try to solve at least 8-10 numerical questions from it.

4. Try to solve at least one sample/mock paper with a time constraint.

5. Solve all numerical problems from NCERT. This is absolutely necessary.

6. Practice all kind of diagrams to perfection like AC/DC generator, Optics – Image formation, magnetic fields.

7. Solve easy questions first and leave the tough questions for last.

8. Always pay attention to the units in the question and always write the unit in the final answer.

9. Go through last 3-4 year CBSE sample papers. You will get an idea about what type of questions are asked and work on your weak parts.

10. Practice all the important derivations at least 5 times.

11. Do derivations and Devices (potentiometer, galvanometer, telescope, transformer, amplifier et.) of all chapters thoroughly.