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    The birth and development of the first optical glass crucible Chinese

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     as the core of optical technology, the core &mdash &mdash, optical glass, has been kept a secret. In the early years of the 20th century by the famous German opticist Abbe E.Abbe and chemists Schott O.Schott establish optical glass products. In World War I, the United States was forced to make a solution to the manufacture of optical glass because of the German embargo. After the war, he wrote a book which was made of optical glass. After the Russian Revolution in October, the Soviet Union established a National Institute of optics, one of the first important achievement is to master the optical glass manufacturing technology. The glass circles GACA rove write a Book of optical glass, but also internal. Legend in the Second World War, to blockade Germany to its allies - Japan optical glass supplies, the United States in the Pacific sank a transport submarine optical glass.

    after the founding of new China, in order to strengthen the development of the Chinese military and civilian optics instrument, in Changchun to build Chinese Academy of Sciences Instrument Museum (Changchun Institute of Optics Precision Machinery Research Institute of the predecessor, referred to as Changchun Instrument Museum), Mr. Wang Daheng felt optical glass in the construction of new China the urgent need, to at that time in the Northeast People's government for the 40 million yuan of funds, and invited Mr. Gong Zutong join Changchun Instrument Museum, is responsible for the manufacture of optical glass. Mr. Gong Zutong was very excited and pleased to accept the job, and actively involved in the development of. Puts forward the design and trial manufacture of workshop task book from the spring of 1951, instantly running ties with the architectural design and construction units, then commenced, and the completion of the plant construction. At that time, Liu Songhao only just graduated from the university assigned to assist, gong. 1952 autumn, I and a group of young people (including Wang Shizhuo, Chen Qingyun, Zhang Peihuan, fertile new energy, etc.), due to the need for national construction, from the university graduate, assigned to the Changchun instrument, to the optical glass laboratory work. In those days, the chemical group, raw material and ingredients, crucible, melting, inspection and administrative groups were set up respectively. Qingyun and Zhang Peihuan responsible for raw materials and glass chemical analysis group; Wang Shizhuo responsible for ingredients and procurement of glass raw materials; Xin wo can is responsible for the inspection group, establish the optical properties of glass test and bubble, stripe and optically homogeneous test; crucible of 300L volume is a key material, by Mr. Gong Zutong personally command just learning the meaning of a master craftsman crucible, administrative group by & ldquo; red imp & rdquo; Kang Yonghua to lead. He was 15 years old to join the army, in the past has been in the army. Liu Songhao is an assistant to Mr. Gong Zutong and business secretary, Mr. Gong to assist management and leadership of the whole room work. I served as the team leader, and I work together with the two high school students from Shanghai: Ma Zhongtang and Sun Zhongming, as well as a number of glass of the general experience of the glass glass. We repair gas furnace, oil sprayer, laying gas and oil pipelines, custom contoured refractory materials and construction of furnace from the start.

    1952 in this one year, we are from scratch, erected optical glass melting shop, in the university we have not learned about silicate and glass technology course, everything is in the & ldquo; what to do, what to learn & rdquo; temper grew up, everyone gas Fengfa, hesitated, full of.

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