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    Classification of colored optical glass

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    optical glass is a kind of optical material for optical instruments, most of the optical components such as a variety of spherical or non spherical lens, prism and mirror, etc. are made from optical glass, optical transmission, refraction and reflection. The main characteristics of optical glass are: high degree of transparency, physical and chemical properties of high uniformity; the consistency of the specific optical constants and the optical constants of the same batch of glass, with high mechanical strength and thermal stability.

    in the last 30 years, with the rapid development of photonics technology, atomic energy technology, aerospace technology, optical communication, infrared technology, laser technology and other cutting-edge science and technology, a series of new requirements for the development and development of various functions of the new optical glass. This chapter mainly introduces the composition, types and manufacturing process of colorless optical glass, colored optical glass, infrared ultraviolet optical glass, special optical glass and optical glass.


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