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    Maintenance of optical components

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    The optical components in the

    optical instruments are the common phenomena of the fog and the debonding. The main causes are the high temperature, high humidity, temperature changes and the erosion caused by the impact, vibration and harmful gas. Among them, the part of the most common and the most common of the parts of the mold is the most common and can affect the imaging quality of the optical system, so that the accuracy of the instrument can be reduced or even can not be used. The optical parts and common fault causes and preventive measures to explain.

    one, the optical parts of the mold

    mold secretion of acid substances can damage the surface of the glass coating layer to leave no traces of the corrosion, the corrosion of glass, the impact of the instrument's clarity. Mould breeding generally should have the following conditions:

    1. temperature

    The suitable temperature of the growth and propagation of

    was 25 ~35, and the growth of was close to 40.

    2. humidity

    The relative humidity of the growth and propagation of

    is 80%~95%, and most of the molds will not grow and propagate under the relative humidity of 70%.

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