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    Global optical cold processing industry structure adjustment trend

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    optical cold processing of the main process of pressure type, cutting, milling, grinding, polishing, grinding, bonding, coating, etc.. The final product of downstream industries include digital cameras, camera mobile phone, scanner and projector, rear projection TV, DVD machine, bar code reader optical instrument and photoelectric digital products. Optical cold processing mainly for its downstream products processing optical lenses, from the material, there are two types of glass and plastic. Glass lens is divided into two kinds of plane lens and lens, in which the plane mirror includes a flat glass and a prism, and the lens includes a spherical lens and a non spherical lens. At present, the domestic enterprises are still in the initial stage of the aspheric lens, still in the glass spherical mirror as the mainstream products.

    The top technology of theglobal optical cold processing industry is mainly in Japan, USA and German manufacturers, in which Japan has mastered the main source of the global optical cold processing technology. Along with the development of modern optical technology, optical technology developed countries have adjusted their own industrial structure and industry development direction, gradually withdraw from the traditional optical processing field, to the modern, high-end optoelectronic products manufacturing, research and development focus; Taiwan, China is gradually becoming the world's optical cold processing center.

    Germany: a solid foundation of optical industry, has a high level of optical cold processing, high accuracy advantages, Cai Si lens and camera on behalf of the world's traditional optical processing and camera manufacturing technology, the highest level. In recent years, the use of its highly specialized and flexible production technology advantages, vigorously develop modern optoelectronic technology, such as integrated optics, fiber optics, holography and laser technology, optical processing of the lens manufacturing and lens design business has been most outsourcing, relying solely on brand management.

    United States: the high cost of labor, technology and backward optical cold processing industry, the traditional optical instrument industry has been basically shrinking, instead relying on technology, capital advantage, vigorously develop modern optoelectronic devices and instruments, such as: micro machining equipment and testing instruments, intelligent spectral instruments, biochemical and medical instruments, optical remote sensing, laser interferometer, printers, etc..

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