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    Each Step of the Processing Range and Accuracy

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        In each step on the basis of existing processing equipment, to achieve the following processing range and accuracy:

    1、    Milling

    Diameter range (mm) Edge thickness difference min(mm)
    Φ3-Φ175 Φ3~Φ60 0.01-0.03
    >Φ60 0.02-0.05
    Special products 0.01-0.02

    2、    High-speed polishing

    Diameter range (mm) Φ4~Φ130
    Part abrasiveness 60-343
    Part radius (mm) -∞ ~ -4, 4 ~ +∞
    Flat surface accuracy N=λ/8    △N=0.1
    Spherical surface accuracy N=1      △N=0.2
    Surface flaws 10×0.025

    3、    Low-speed polishing

    / Diameter range (mm) Surface accuracy Surface flaws
    Spherical Φ5~Φ240 λ/10 20-10
    Flat Φ20~Φ350 λ/17 20-10

    4、    Edging

    Equipment Centering machinery
    Diameter range (mm) Φ5~Φ125
    Centering coefficient zmin 0.036
    Decentration Cmin 18’’

    5、    Coating

    Kind of plating Machining band Coating parameters
    (R:Reflectivity,T: Transmittance)
    Antireflection coating A single point of antireflection coatings 300nm~1200nm
    Either single band in a band antireflection
    Rabs<0.2%, 0~45deg
    Broadband antireflection green film 400nm~700nm Rave<0.5%, 0deg
    High permeability film 400nm~700nm Rabs<0.5%, 0deg
    420nm~680nm Rabs<0.3%, 0deg
    Ultra broadband antireflection coatings 400nm~1000nm Rave<1%, 0deg
    500 nm~900nm Rave<0.5%, 0deg
    Waterproof film   400nm~1100nm Waterproof angle≥100°
    Reflective film Aluminum reflective film 400nm~1100nm Rave>85%
    All dielectric reflection film 400nm~100nm within,
    Rabs>99.5%, 0~45deg
    Guangmo Energy Guangmo 400nm~1000nm Neutral spectroscopic R/T=1/1,and other spectroscopic ratio,0~45deg
    Color films IR cut filter film 400nm~1000nm 400nm~610nm  Tabs>90%
    630nm~1000nm  Tabs<1%
    Long, short pass film 400nm~1100nm Through Tabs>90%,
    cutoff Tabs<1%
    Bandpass film 400nm~1100nm within,
    pass bandwidth≥50nm
    Through Tabs>90%,
    cutoff Tabs<1%
    Dichroic film 400nm~1000nm Blue/green/red, through Tabs>90%, cutoff Tabs<1%
     Kind of plating and typical graph:
    \Figure 1 Reflective film
     \Figure 2 Guangmo
    \Figure 3 IR cut filter membrane
    \Figure 4 Broadband antireflection green film
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